Friday, November 13, 2009

November, still tatting!

A sweet design from my new little booklet with designs by Debbie Munoz. All of the designs have rose centers with various outer rounds that form snowflakes.

I wanted to practice rosettes, which for some reason have been an on-going challenge! And, I'm still working on my block tatting; consequently this pattern fit the bill. All of her snowflakes are easy to do and have the same center. After doing one the rest come quickly!
This was tatted in Lizbeth Snowy White in size 30.

Remember what I said about the design-tat class I was perusing? That little number in Chocolate Raspberry (Pamela Myers HDT) is my design. I'd love to see this tatted by someone else, as I was so distracted with writing the pattern, trying to learn a design program (I never conquered it); and just 'catch up' with the class. The 'lotus' on the four ends are too crowded and I don't like my rings that turn inward and my chains are sloppy; it was 'free tatted' and the first attempt. Guess I should tat it again! LOL I'm now in official 'lurk mode'. Many entered the race but fewer are finishing! It is a great class; but, be prepared to do a great deal of homework! I received the critique of my drawing (done with Paint) and lets just say it was less than stellar. I also tatted Pamela's design which I'll scan and share later.


Jane Eborall said...

I love your little design. I'll help with drawing it if you like.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love the designs in this book, but I have yet to complete one. I think I have to watch someone make one of these. My rose centers look awful! Good luck with yours!

Ridgetatter said...

THANK you Jane; I'll take you up on the offer and try Eazy-Draw! X Bev

Ridgetatter said...

Sharon Briggs has a step-by-step tutorial on her site for doing rosettes. It is so funny. I did the first one in Beginner's tatting and it turned out really well. Then I hit a dry period and sent my result to Sharon with an SOS! The result was the tutorial, I saved it as it is a pdf and refer to it all the time.
The thing is, in Munoz, book there are no detailed directions for the rosettes, not vsp to join nor mock picots. Just the stitch count.
hugs, Bev

❦TattingChic said...

Oh, it's looking very cute! I got this same booklet after seeing a few of them tatted on Laura B's blog last year! I remember my first rosette turned out wonky. Some of the old instructions are hard to follow. Sharon's tutorial looks promising for someone new to rosettes. Since it's been so long that I was new to rosettes I'm afraid I am not a good judge on that tutorial.