Monday, January 18, 2010



I was looking at all the TIAS that had come in and I was blown away by the even rings and stitches in Martha Ess' creation. I blew it up, just so I could see how it would be worked by an advanced tatter. I so admire the advanced tatters work.

Could not find the peach thread for the life of me but had this color handy. I need to find the tag so I can share whose and what color it is! I know it's HDT…but I don't want to call it the wrong color name or creator. However I did find my little bag of 'eyes' that I'd ordered. They are so handy for critters. I have them in two sizes. I have been a little scattered this week.

I'm feeling some melancholy at the passing of a wonderful designer and tatter, Mary Konier.
After pondering upon her works and life, I plan to share more with you about Mrs. Konier.
Her funeral is January 22nd and I think it would be wonderful if all the tatters who have been influenced by her life's work would share on their blog.

If you have not yet applied and joined Ring of Tatters; I encourage you to do so. Their 4-colour book of patterns and articles that is published is well worth the dues. They become a treasure on your book shelf; and, many of Mary's patterns have been featured.


Gina said...

Looks like you're doing good with the TIAS now!

Konior - I realized one of my UFO's is a pattern of hers. I'll have to finish it for sure now.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Oh I think that is a wonderful idea to honor Mary. I will try to participate in that.

Maureen said...

Two TIAS'S! - whatever-they-are, you can frame them!
I think most of us have been pulling Mary Konior's books off the shelves and spending some quiet time with them. I haven't tatted anything from them for some years, but perhaps I will now.
I'm interested in hearing more about your Grazing Sheep doily - I've never seen a picture of one that has been tatted, I'm looking forward to yours!

❦TattingChic said...

I see you are enjoying the TIAS! That is a nice shuttle you have from the shuttle shop!
What a lovely thought to honor dear Mary Konior's passing! I would like to honor her, too.

Ridgetatter said...

Maureen, you are so funny to think that my ???? TIAS
would be suitable for framing. When we did the Hippo (my first TIAS) my granddaughter, who has no appreciation for the amt of work involved but appreciates the finished product, said,"Oh, can you make me a bedspread of Hippos." I laughed and laughed.
I keep visualizing the old Alice in Wonderland book I have with the line drawings of Alice playing croquet with the Queen, holding those 'flamingo-like' birds as her mallet…I think that's what we are tatting. LOL

MK I hope to upload (if Blogge cooperates) my memorial to Mary on January 22nd, as that is the day of her funeral. Would that we all could leave a legacy in tat land.