Thursday, January 14, 2010

DAYS 3 and 4

Moving Forward: I can't believe I did this! AGAIN Do you see the error in day four? Instead of moving forward it's more like backward.

This is day 3 (re tatted because of an earlier error) and day 4; which of course will be retro tatted because of yet another error! Focus, Bev, Focus!
Still, no idea what it can be…a lot of 'ideas' swirling about; but, nothing solid to verbalize publicly. I have decided that it is a prawn; that's my guess and I'm stickin' with it….

I am attaching an edging to a hankie today and hope to have it ready to unveil soon. The "sheep' doily is 'bleating' to be picked up for a few more rounds; and, Valentine's is coming ~ so had better get busy with some hearts.

If I were truly an organized person, I'd have these seasonal and holiday projects lined up ahead of time. You know, bathing suit ads shot during freezing temps; and winter clothes during sweltering heat? I need to get in some sort of rhythm with the seasons ~ tatting wise.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bev, your TIAS is moving right along and looking great-- should be able to scan mine soon.
Liz in WV

tattrldy said...

I just finished day 5 and still no idea what it is! I'm a very bad guesser, so I'll probably know when Jane gets around to the end! I'm with you on the organization bit. I am always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to seasonal projects. I guess I don't really get motivated for them until they're right on top of us. (I'm gonna get squashed one day! LOL!)

Ridgetatter said...

Yes, just finished day 5 but haven't scanned it as yet. I'm thinking "prawn" LOL Perhaps I'm just hungry. I had a huge shrimp salad for dinner In any event I'm too "chicken' to venture a real guess.

I'm working on the sheep doily; finished the lattice today. It is in middle earth silk HDT from LadyShuttlemaker.

Time to begin a heart! LOL

Thanks for dropping by.

Ridgetatter said...

Well, Liz, hope yours goes smoother than mine has been going. I just keep making a mistake on the same picots.
Tattridy: With all my goof-ups on TIAS, I will probably be among the 'squished' hearts. Pulled out Martha E's book "Tats Amore" Has such lovely hearts.