Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tat it and See

DAYS 1 and 2 T I A S

Day One of T. I. A. s Yarnplayer's Vibrato, size 20.

Jon Yusoff's books will soon be available through her blog. She had been on a long journey; therefore, the books were not available for a while. She will soon remedy that situation due to popular demand! There is currently one available as a PDF.

At the Annual Business Meeting (Church), Pastor asked, "What are you making now?" I looked up from the little colorful split rings that have threads hanging from their ends, and had to answer honestly, "Well, I don't really know!"

The meeting began, ending the conversation abruptly, as the gavel banged. He looked at me as though to say, "Poor woman is getting senile" with quizzical concern!

I was, of course, working on the Tat it And See project from Jane Eborall. I'm doing two of ????. Generally on the frist one, I retro tat; and, on the second ~ don't. At least this has happened in the past. It now has 2 more rows that the photo above and will rest as the next section is separate from this intriguing bit.
I've added days 1 @ 2.

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