Saturday, January 2, 2010

With a Little Help from Your Tatting Friends


At this moment a few Tatters are looking for different tatting books. If you know where the following can be found, please e-mail me and I will contact the tatters. Or you can contact TattingChic at her blog.

She is looking for the first book of E. A. Nicholls, "Tatting" a New Look in Tatting; First Published by Portland Press in 1959, London. TattingChic would like to buy this book for her collection as she has the 3 other books of Ms. Nicholls. The cover of the book is shown above.I'd like to be of help to other tatters and so I'm adding this to my blog today. This is a rare tatting book with color plates and a lot of technical information. I especially like the first Chapter's title: "Drawing with the Shuttle." At the end there is a section on dying one's own threads. Ms Nicholls was, indeed, a woman ahead of her times.

ALSO a tatting friend in IN TATTERS wants to buy a copy of any of JON JUSOFF tatting books; which aren't available at this time. If you have double copies or would like to sell yours, contact me and I'll forward the message; or, contact In Tatters Forum.

I happen to know that Tatskool is looking for a copy of The Twelve Days of Christmas pattern by Pam Palmer; so, I'm adding that one also.

On the subject of books. BUYER BEWARE There are those on E-Bay who are asking impossible, silly starting prices on tatting books that are available elsewhere at reasonable prices. Be sure you know and have a relationship with anyone you buy books from. Amazon, in general, is usually pretty pricey when it comes to Tatting books. You can search periodically and find good prices on some books which are harder to find. Mary Konier's popular "Visual Patterns" books is available a number of places for around 20 dollars. Whenever possible I try to buy from the designer. Of course, with older books this is not possible; please seek out reputable book sellers. I do collect rare books (not just tatting) and have purchased a few that were expensive. But they were first editions, some were signed by the author and most were in mint condition or were taken to a bookbinder and restored. I realize the value of a rare book and have had the wherewithal to fund my collection. For the average reader, it makes no sense at all to spend a great deal of money on books if money is an issue. It would be better spent on the family budget! IMHO

Jane's TIA Introduction is posted on the TIA site (see side bar information). The TIA itself begins next Tuesday ~ so be looking for your shuttles (you need at least two) and start thinking about threads. The Introduction gives you all the information you need to begin on Tuesday. I'm off to find a couple of my English Aeros and extra bobbins...but first to choose the thread! Is the excitement building?


❦TattingChic said...

Beverly, I am really touched that you would do this! Thanks so much!
I will definitely keep my eye open for these other books!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hon try too, they have literally hundreds of bookstores participating and I have gotten excellent prices there on all sorts of books, including getting $250 textbooks for $7, etc.

❦TattingChic said...

You're so sweet Olde Dame Penniwig, I've tried Alibris, Abe books, etc, etc, including every single search engine available on the "interwebs" today! Nada. I'm just thinking it's so sweet that Beverly is putting her feelers out for me. Thank you both for your thoughtfulness!

Ridgetatter said...

Yes, checking and rechecking their stock (the reputable booksellers) is a good idea. I've bought from too. they found a book called, "She was a Sister Sailor" about women who traveled on the whaling boats. Very interesting. DH had bought it for me in Hawaii; and then it was lost in the flood. So I was thrilled that Albris found one for me at Mystic Seaport near Boston. Albris
Never hurts to have many eyes checking for titles.
Thanks Penniwig....
xxxx Bev

Fox said...

Both those sites have certainly served me well on my book quests!

Love the artwork on your blog, Bev, - very appealing!

Thanks for the comment on my blog.. From you , approval is definitely good! LOL! (all that graphic design stuff!)
♥ Fox : )

Ridgetatter said...

FOX. I love the "pin up girl" Big Hilda. She looks more like my shape than the skinny girls. LOL

I wish I knew enough abut blogging to 'dress' up my graphic design on my pages. I admire your abilities.

hugs, Bev