Friday, January 1, 2010


T. I. A. on Jane Eborall's, "Tat it and See" is promised on January 2.
I can hardly wait to begin! Now to find an empty shuttle. I finished all my UFO's for last year and have begun 3 projects; but, with the doily project I pre wound various colors so I could ride the wave of energy; well, I might catch one! So I shall have to find some empty shuttles for the T. I. A.

Not a resolution maker, so no thoughts on that subject. I haven't set any real goals. I'm not from the generation of 'living in the moment' BUT at the moment I seem to be doing that very thing. I think I may be surprised that I am actually here greeting 2010 ~ seems I have time to finish a TIA and a few patterns. I take it from day to day ~ living in the moment.

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Jane Eborall said...

Ah, but, you'll have to wait til next Tuesday for part 1 and then you'll be on a roll!!!!! The introduction is released today so you can get 'psyched up' for the 'real deal'!!!!!!!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I'll have to do some searching for shuttles today. If I have the two shuttles wound for the first day, I should be good. Oh, dear... I know I'm going to get hung up with the split rings, but I'm excited to try!

Maureen said...

And we are very glad that you are here too, Bev!
A new TIAS is the perfect start to the New Year, isn't it!

❦TattingChic said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. Glad to hear that your Lydia Pinkham shuttle is real, too! That is nice that Aileen sent you an Angel! How sweet!
Happy New Year!

Ridgetatter said...

TUESDAY? TUESDAY? That is 4 of our days away!
FOUR DAYS! Ok calm down. TODAY I can choose the variegated thread, tomorrow I can choose two complimentary colors; day 3 I can find my Aeros and extra bobbins. and the 4th day I can begin.

I love split rings, thank you for NO SPLIT CHAINS.