Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Surprises from England! Pop a Bobbin, an English Aero, and very special earrings were in a packet from JaneEb.

The shuttle is from "im in the garage" (we Must give this wonderful woodworker a name); who is the DH of our Sally (of the Shuttle Sisters).
I spent Wednesday evening,, after Lenten services, playing with my new shuttle. I had a bit of #10 Celery (hdt) and decided to make a quick bookmark. It is only ½ completed as it needs the other side and the ends ~ This is about 6" so far.
I always have to use a shuttle for a little while to decide I am comfortable working some lace. Decided I do like this shuttle! I especially like the hook end, I found I can pick up the beads with larger center holes ~ just like my crochet hook! One of the reason I like Eng. Aeros is that it has a longer hook than the German. The POaB has that same sort of hook. If you use your hook to work your motif, you will like this one. I also like the balance and ease of filling the bobbin. After the first addition of thread, I found I could insert and remove the plug with my fingers. The tension is very even and it is absolutely silent, if that is important to you. It is a thumbs up for me and I plan on getting a second; after all of those on the waiting list get theirs!

Also in the packet were two gifts from Jane. First, an Engish Aero! I was truly excited and husband asked, "What did she send you? The Crown's jewels?" Jane knows these are my workhorse shuttles that I favor. (Photos later)

The third item was a pair of tatted "ear wigs" (as J-Eb calls them). They are done with black threads and dark jet beads, the largest bead is Carnival glass from beads that once belonged to Jane's Gram. I haven't taken them off since they came! Wait! That's not true as I took then off when I showered.

It occurred to me that some of my readers might mistake my sharing package contents as bragging or being ostentatious. That isn't it at all, so I hope no one thinks that when they read what a tatter has received in the mail. It is just that a good many of us are "lone tatters' and have made good friends through the internet; and, we like to exchange gifts as tokens of our affection for one another. So when you see pictures of package contents, and descriptions of items that have been given, it is because tatter's seem to have sharing hearts. Many are fortunate to meet their new friends in person; some do not have that privilege. I fall in that latter group since my health doesn't allow much extended travel.


Sally Kerson said...

So pleased you like your pop-a-bobbin shuttle Bev. I find it amazing to think they are travelling the world! Jane's better half and mine have the same name i.e. Nick - so that's what "Im in the garage" is called. By the way he is in there now!

Beelizabeth said...

I understand about sharing news of your windfall on the net as I too am fairly (or unfairly) lol trapped at home. And like you I have been the recipient of a bonus in the package of threads I ordered. KrystleDawne included a skein of her "Oops" thread. I love how generous the tatting community is. Being in touch with the online tatting community helps on days when some of my own health problems make me feel alone.

Fox said...

So exciting! Enjoy your goodies! You deserve them.
♥ Fox : ))

Marty said...

Wow, Bev -- a Pop-a-Bobbin and an English Aero. If hogs tatted, you'd be in Hog Heaven. Please do post pictures of your fancy earwigs too. :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Ooh! I'm so excited for you! My pop-a-bobbin shuttle should arrive soon... Jane mailed it Monday.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

You seem to be acquiring quite a few shuttles all of a sudden!
Plus some nice 'extra' items, too! And thread!!!!

I also prefer bobbin shuttles and actually have three wood ones similar to the Pop O Bobbin (great name!). I described mine to Sally recently. They were made by a fellow here in Western PA back in the 1990s. I also like the fact
they are 'silent'. The fellow had to stop making them due to health reasons, and I know how much work went into them. I can't imagine how Sally's husband will be able to keep up with the demand!

I thought you did a wonderful job on Mary Konior's 'Beauty Spots' pattern. I actually used it on one of my bells (which I gave to my niece) back in 2001, and your post was the first time I had seen anyone mention that pattern or tat it.

I'm sure it's frustrating for you to not be able to travel these days. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing photos of your area. Always wanted to visit the Southwest! And congratulations on 54 years of marriage!

Val said...

bev, good to know u r enjoying your new shuttle. i'm very eager for mine too.

u r so right abt tatters. it really didn't matter we r in different nooks and corners of earth. lol