Saturday, March 13, 2010

Because You Asked. . .

Sheep May Safely Graze but they may drive me around the bend in the process. The next round was supposed to be Violas; but, the pattern just confused me totally. I wasn't alone; but, the other tatter figured out the error in the instruction and moved on! (I have not asked her permission to use her name in my blog, but obviously she is quite clever)

By the time she sent me the "solution" I'd chosen "Rose edging" by Biswas to be inserted. I have a time limit as this is for a birthday gift; and, that day is getting closer! As you can see I've done too much to cut it all out and do the corrected Violas. Plus, I rather like the little roses and they had the proper picots top and bottom to adapt as a round. And, I can always do the Violas when I tat this pattern again (ought to be a bit easier next time).

This pattern is a series of edgings and stand alone appliques (like the center roses and leaves). So far I have the rose center, the Trellis and now the "Rose Necklace Edging"

The 'family' of threads are: (before I forget)HDT: Pizzaz (20); a Valdini green (20); HDT middle earth silk (20); and HDT Green (LadyShuttleMaker) and Choco- raspberry (Tatskool) both in size 40.

The pattern says that it moves along quickly after the violas; I hope that is true for me. The pattern is meant to be adjusted to the individual tatter and that is clearly explained by the designer. It was just a matter of RW being entered as a typo in the final edit of the book.

I had a little problem with rumpling and cupping, but I added extra little roses on the ends of the oval and as I join to the middle earth color, it stopped cupping.

As You can see, I have been tatting. The green bookmark you ask? I ran out of HDT ~ celery in size 10 ~ So, I have ½ a bookmark; until, I choose a complimentary color that might work with the celery green. Any ideas out there?
A Christmas decorated ball for next year? A contrasting or complimentary color?

In Appreciation for Priscilla: Priscilla is an RN who does home nursing and sits behind me at church, when I'm able to attend. She has noticed when I was tatting both on Sheep doily and the green bookmark with my pop-a-bobbin before and after services (DH is an elder, so I do a lot of sitting when I attend) She was admiring the tatting, "That is so pretty, Bev." Priscilla often helps me with the step up to the communion rail; and down, afterwards. This will be a surprise for her during the 'greeting' next Sunday.

I tatted this with the HDT I won from LadyShuttleMaker's blog, it is size 50 Himalayan Poppy. The design is called "May" from an edging in Rosemarie Peel's Tatting, Basic Patterns (2009). The leaf charm is from DS9Designs.


Friends wanted to see the 'ear wigs' that Jane Eborall sent; so, here they are! I have taken them off to bathe and that's about it! I think they are really pretty and I love dangly ear rings. They are presented upon the flower on the front of my Daily devotional book ~ I liked the contrast of color between the dark ear wigs and the pinks of the zinnia. Jane said she often works this pattern; but the bead on the lower part is from her gram's Carnival glass. The scan doesn't do the beadwork justice; but, trust me ~ it is lovely.

In case you are keeping count. This is my 99 th blog entry! There will be a prize winner after my 100 th blog post. Among the things in the prize box are: threads, tatting book, beads, shuttle, a tin; and, anything else I find hiding out in my stash. There may even be some HDT! I will use the random number application to choose a winner.


Val said...

very colorful doily and much more interesting. i'm terribly envious of your friend. :)

the bookmark is lovely too. soothing colorway.

ah, jane's prezzie is so cool! i shd try to tat some earrings with beads and such. been lazy to use beads. thanks for the inspiration.

Maureen said...

The doily looks wonderful in colour - I can't wait to see the sheep in that lovely off-white HDT you've bought.

Fox said...

Pretty tatting, Bev! Such a lot of work in the "sheep" piece. No wonder you are driven round the bend with the process!

I love that purple thread in the bookmark. Great with that pattern.

Oh, if I had Celery in my stash, I would send it to you! Alas, no such luck. : (

I hate it when I run out and I have just run out of my favourite. Dr. VonTM green!
Fox : )

Jane Eborall said...

Love the colours on the sheep doily. Can't wait to see it finished. You've been very quiet lately and now I know why - so many projects!!!
Oh, don't include me in the giveaway as you've been WAAAAYYY generous already to me. Give t'others a chance. Mind, I wouldn't object if you accidentally added me!! Oooooh, I do make me laugh!!!!

Sally Kerson said...

Gosh that first piece is a lot of work, patience is required, bags and buckets of it! But it looks so so pretty. A bet Priscilla will love her bookmark a very kind gesture. The earrings Jane made are lovely too. Wow nearly 100, sorry not your age!!!

Ridgetatter said...

I love to use color; and I've been very picky about selections. The Middle Earth is really a prettier shade than it is shown; but I needed to get the red of the little rosebuds to show up…so fiddled with color. I also wanted to show the beauty of the cherry red silent tatter acquired from Fox (think her tatting abilities will rub off on my doily? I could only hope)
Actually this piece does move along quite fast as long as I keep at it on a regular basis. Now that I've moved on, I see it getting done soon. There are 9 rounds total (with the sheep).
I think I've found a color that will coordinate with the Celery ~ Actually if I looked, I may even find some #10 downstairs (ugh sigh ~ down stairs, pufff puff) I didn't buy much #10 but I've loads of 20 and other sizes. I have some 10 that was from an exchange. Might work a bit and see if it would fight
with the green or be 'friendly'.
Oh Jane, you are so funny. I diagnose the typical "come to me, go away syndrome" in there somewhere ` like a push me/pull you? LOL
Sally, actually it really isn't that difficult, except figuring out how many to add at the ends of the oval ~ to keep it flat.
For some reason I have buckets of patience for tatting; alas, not for much else. (shame on me)
Thanks guys for hanging in there with me on the blog. love, BJ

Tatskool said...

That's quite a task you have set yourself, those designs are not easy. Waiting for the sheep to arrive!

Ridgetatter said...

Let's all say, "hip-hooray"! Made the trek to sun porch and found 2 skeins size 10 celery! Woo Hoo Now all I have to do is wind them on some EZ Bobs. (I love those handy little gadgets).
I've tatted the sheep (free standing) before. I made a couple for practice in size 10 thread and attached them to ribbon for bookmarks. Made them with black faces and white bodies. This is a much better color in silk, don't know if I'll do the black faces though (a little tricky adding the thread, but it worked fine. I don't want to mix silk with Black cotton for the face.
Yes, Tatskool ~ LOL for my first doily, I ended up with Sheep (but that's what daughter picked out from the 3 patterns I gave her to choose from. (so really my own fault) I thought sure she'd pick the Festival Elephant (and I'd gathered all the spangles, little bells and tiny tassels for the decorations, too). I'll still do that one, l'd like to paint a back ground (African Sunset with a tree - standard fare - and put Elephant to forefront….
In very bright colors red/yellow/purples
Like those I saw during the Hadj in Yuba City Parades.

xx Bev
So pleased I found more celery in the right size thread.

Tatskool said...

Wohoo, away you go, I am waiting to see those sheep!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I love sheep! Can't wait to see lil' pretty tatted ones!