Sunday, April 4, 2010


One of five pieces of tatting sent to me from Madhur in India. There was also a tatted cross, tatted fan, and a motif I can use as a pendant.

Madhur also sent a tatting book from India and a Crochet book. I do not crochet but the photos and patterns are lovely. I was so surprised to find these gifts when we returned from Arizona.


One of the Treasures I have
from my Dad is a little book (about 5" x 3") with a faux leather cover, embellished by the flood mud of 1997. He gave it to me when I was about twelve. It was awarded to him for 16 months of perfect attendance at school in Honey Creek, Iowa. It has a small, oval photo of a lovely young woman, his teacher, inside and a dedication page; followed by a number of moral sayings and poems. I learned a number of the poems by heart The one that did not go away from my memory is the following:

Life is just a hollow bubble,
dont'cha know,
just a painted piece of trouble,
dontcha know?

Oh, you worry and you mope,
and hang your highest hope;
on the price,
perhaps of soap?
Dontcha know.

Another I like is called, "I'd rather be a has been, if I couldn't be an are." Now, the rest of the poem makes perfect sense and has a good message for any little boy. I took those little poems and homilies to heart as a young girl, and some of those words made me the woman I am today. Morals taught in education really "took' back in the day!

We learned, on our trip to Tucson, that Loyal will have to have a hip replacement and it is scheduled for May 4; but, we will be in Tucson from May 2 until May 17. As usual, the newly weds will house sit on the ridge.

I managed to finish a heart, a bookmark, and another round of the Sheep doily. Oh, and I tatted Yarnplayer's cross with a rose in the center. I did it in white with a nectarine rose; after it is sent to the exchange recipient and she opens it ~ I will put up a photo. Praise the Lord, I took my time and it actually turned out quite nice. Yes, surprised even me ~ because I am so picky. I had false starts of another pattern; decided to chuck it in file 13 and quit for the day. Good idea!
Nothing I touched with tatting on that day worked at all. Across the country, Fox was having the same sort of situation and even Jane in England reported the "bug' had crossed the pond. But we all survived and we all survived and excelled. Well, THEY excelled ~ I just "celled" LOL

BUT the big news is my 100th blog post follower winner! Ta Dahhhh
MARTY LEWIS number came up on the random number generator. Things like: vintage issues of Workbasket, a shuttle, tatting pattern book, hand dyed thread, beads, Lisbeth and Hanklegaarn thread, metallic thread, Oh ~ and anything else I find 'lurking' in my stash bin. And, a cute ME tin, and a little bag for carrying the current project. You just never know what may find its way into the box. FOR that reason the photo of the goodie box will not be revealed until Marty has seen it all first. LOL! It will probably arrive after you are back from Disneyland!

I so like the idea of rewarding those who follow me that I've added the new names in for the next time I have a surprise for my followers. This time, it was limited to that first 21 who hung in with me from the first entry on….you brave souls know who you are! When I reach the 200th blog entry, who ever has followed since Easter of 2010 will be in the draw.

I have been having problems with my scanner. It is probably the "loose nut behind the wheel" and not the equipment; but, when I get it sorted out, I'll put up photos of the heart and bookmarks. I managed to get the heart and Priscilla bookmark up on the 25 challenge, but the Celery bookmark just doesn't want to upload.

Received a packet from Judith Conners today. Next time I will share what I found inside. Happy Tatting!


Val said...

congrats on your 100th post!

u r such a sentimental lady, bev. whenever i read abt all your old keepsakes, i tried to look for mine, many of them have disappeared over time bcos 'someone' in my house has been helping to clear them out. >(

i love to read your stories.

Jane Eborall said...

Interesting about the poetry affecting you. I 'grew up' with T S Elliot and A A Milne. I LOVED the 'Old Possums Book of Practical Cats' even before I was anywhere near old enough to understand the 'long words'!!!
Lucky Marty. I know what it's like to receive a pressie from you - amazing.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love reading your posts, Bev! Just a few weeks ago, my mom and I were discussing sayings that she and I grew up with, and the fact that so many young people don't know them. It's funny, though... my daughters know them! Daughter Carol teaches geography, world history, and psychology/sociology at the high school. She'll come off with one of the old sayings while teaching and the kids get a kick out of it, because they remember me telling them the same thing in elementary school.

Marty said...

The poetry I grew up with was written by Robert...Robert Service, Robert Frost. I don't remember any other poetry, but I get such a kick out of "There are strange things done in the Midnight sun by the men who moil for gold..." and I love "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood..." The other poetry I remember is mostly limericks. :)
Thanks to your random number generator and thanks to you! I'm all excited without having seen anything. Just getting picked is a thrill. I've never won anything before -- even in Nevada!

Ridgetatter said...

Thank you for you comments. I had a really bad day today ~ felt horrid all day; and, reading the comments helped me a bunch ~ really.

Robert W Service. I bought a book of his work when I was 16 and Memorized the poem you quoted. And the funniest poem in the anthology was, "Bessie's Boil"
Especially the last line, "Oye, we is just the paintrs, a painten the 'alls and the stairs!"
LOL It has become Rebekah's book now and she shares a fondness for old Robert!
I'm not much at gambling but I DID win $400 on a nickel slot (5 nickels) while waiting for the elevator. And $300 on a quarter slot waiting for Loyal to buy gas!
It's always just happenstance since I've never gone anyplace JUST to play slots.
LOL Dumb luck, I guess. It paid for my working trip to a convention at Las Vegas ($400) and the $300 was used to pay for the trip to Salt Lake. LOL
I'll mail your box when I know you are home from La La Land…hugs, bj

Maureen said...

Kipling for father's favourite, so I grew up on it too! I try, with my own grandchildren, but I am no match for their electronic things, and the schools don't expose them to poetry these days.

Ridgetatter said...

OH Maureen: "Riki Tiki" loved that mongoose…The teacher read it to the class when i lived in Bullhead City, AZ in 1945...

Tatskool said...

What a lovely post, I enjoyed reading it all, especially the poems.
Hope you are feeling better today.

Linda S Davies said...

So interesting, as usual! I hope you are feeling better now, love. I've never really been into poetry books and yet I love to make up my own verses for the cards that I make. Well, I suppose I qualify for the English saying, "there's nowt as queer as folk!"

zarina said...

That piece on top of the post is beautiful. I have restarted my tatting two nights ago by doing a simple heart motif. I have already loaded two shuttles with my latest HDTs for a doily.