Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Leprechauns dance on my keyboard; whilst the tired lady in red watches. She knows you have to watch those Leps!

Never would Donnacha and his Mom have EVER thought that Fergal would climb the ridge and find his way to New Mexico. Mom was beside herself when DH arrived home with the box that held so many delightful surprises. Ohhh this is soooo wonderful. Mom will have an excuse to go out and watch DH or Bekah,take photos of the cousins tour of Silver. Where shall we go? The weekend will soon be upon us and Fergal is bursting with ideas of where he wants to go!
Watch this blog to see what they will do! Oh I can hardly wait! Donnacha is excited but I think his Mom is just beyond ecstatic…

Sad news: Having only 3 rounds left on the Sheep, I discovered one of those errors that can't be cut out as a section. So Sheep is now back to the center roses and the surrounding greens. Again we shall do the trellis, the substitute for the Viola and the picket fence (which was 2/3 finished). Aghhhhhh However, my spirits are somewhat lifted as Bernie also has cut back and is starting from square one. At least I am not alone in my (sigh) misery ~ well, not misery, but a sort of sadness. However, I had DH hang the resultant cut out rows (which formed a sort of flowered crown) out on the rock wall as the birds are building nests and I've found they love the bright colored bits of thread from tatting.

There is more to share ~ but it will have to await my next post. Now that the ash cloud has lifted, I've finally been able to send Judith C. her pendant ~ along with a few extras to make up for the wait…and then there is Marty ~ STILL awaiting her prize. Oh! But now I have Fergal to help and he is so busy…I'm sure the four of us will be able to get the boxes on their way.


Jane Eborall said...

SO sorry to hear about the sheep, a shame you've got to start another flock!!! The darn Icelandic volcano has caused such a lot of chaos but hopefully it's going back to sleep now.

Tatskool said...

OH my goodness, Yipee, he has landed safely; I have been watching all the relevant blogs to see where he would turn up...was beginning to get worried.

Hurrah for New Mexico, I am as excited as you are.
What will he see...and Scarlett too, she looks exhausted..she is not as young as she used to be!!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Sorry to hear about the sheep start-over but a lucky birdie will have a most elegant nest decoration!

Your guests look so sweet...hope they enjoy Silver...

Sally Kerson said...

Look after the "little people"!!! Glad you have some Irish company.
That is such a shame about your sheep, so much work just to be snipped out. Still the birds are doing well out of it, thats what I call recycling!!

Marty said...

Baaaaaad sheep, baaaaaad sheep! What did they think they were doing not hiding that oops better? I hope you and Donnacha have a good time with Fergal and his ...ahem... travel agent.

Miranda said...

I'm curious to know how Fergeal and Scarlett will like the green chile (although perhaps Scarlett will prefer red).

connie said...

Lucky Feargal and Scarlett, I've always wanted to meet you too.
Enjoy the visit can't wait to read your posts.

Ridgetatter said...

OH Connie…you make me laugh…I love that skate photo, brings back so many memories of learning to skate properly during the dance…good memories.
Did I tell you when I married DH at 19, he took all my cute short, skating skirts to the Dump and hung them up on sticks (in case someone wanted them). LOL
I guess I skated into his life and that was that!

I wish I could meet you too….all of you comment makers. I'm tired, having just returned from the hospital and visiting DH. He did well with his surgery and is walking around his bed (one turn) tonight. I think he will do well.

Feargal, Donnacha and Scarlett are planning a big surprise for him tomorrow, now that he has settled in….Today they rested from all the traveling and eating out…


Tatskool said...

So glad to hear that hubby is doing well, he will be chasing you again soon!
Hope he enjoys the surprise.