Friday, February 5, 2010

Thank Goodness for Technologies

Because my blog primarily identifies with the novice/intermediate tatter, I'm sharing a few insights and personal opinions about DVD's, and an IPOD Application that are helpful to new tatters, or tatters who are isolated and do not have the companionship of other tatters.

I well remember searching for just ONE person who tatted within a 50 mile radius of my home in northern California! I'd heard of a lady in her 80's (I was a young 60-ish at the time) but could never track her down! I was so frustrated; then of course, I happened upon Valorie Rice in Sacramento who had a couple of classes at the now extinct Fuzzy Penguin (a wonderful paradise of threads, patterns and supplies). I was ecstatic.

Alas, I moved to the boot heel of New Mexico and am separated by too many miles from other NM tatters and those in Arizona. That is when having a DVD of a technique or two with which I have struggled is a real boon! It is always easier if you can actually see a tatter execute a SCMR or a Split Chain Technique.


If you have an IPOD or IPHONE and don't wish to carry around your pattern written on a piece of folded paper, or binder this may be for you. I, personally, LOVE it and have Kersti A. to thank for turning me on to its availability. The PLUS is that it is a free Application named: Files Lite

FILES LITE has a helpful "how to" page, clear graphics and great photos of the diagrams of your patterns that you upload to the system. It allows you to file and store and view files on your IPOD Phone or Touch using wifi and is compatible with any MAC or PC. You can view or scan via the pinch method on your screen. I have four patterns on my IPOD that are at my finger tips when I travel and have access to wifi.

DVDS that TEACH tatting to beginners and novices is a technology that is a help to those new to teaching tatting, and those (like me) stuck in the wilds or concrete jungles. The two I am featuring are not the only DVDs available, but they are the two that I have experienced and can recommend to spend your $ upon! No one has money to waste during these tight economic times.

In 2009 Jeanette Baker came out with her How to Tat DVD. When she discovered an error in one of the patterns in the accompanying book, she sent out to individuals who had bought her DVD a corrected copy of the pattern. That must have been a momentous task but it shows her dedication to those who invested in the set.

I used this for two of my tatting students with good results. Because my friend was leaving our area, I gave her the DVD and Book, some thread and an Aero shuttle (she went to a real wilderness up at Yellowstone Park where her DH works) as she'd had only two hands on lessons.

The neat thing about Baker's DVD is it's ability to start at the different chapters, so you don't have to see a repeat of a lesson (however, I use the previous chapter as a review from the last lesson given with my student). Also, it moves at a slow enough pace that you can actually follow the progress from "how to hold the shuttle" right through the rest of the lessons. It is available from HH and most tatting book vendors. It is on sale at some of the sites but it is worth the $14.95 price.

Also, in 2009, Linda Davies ( came out with her very concise series of DVDs which teach tatting and are available from her blog (click her blog on the right hand column under Bev's Favorite Blogs and Vendors) and are fairly priced. Linda's pleasant voice with her lovely accent adds to the learning pleasure.

The one I received is "Tatting Tuition for Beginners" This tutorial DVD
Includes: making rings, chains, picots, joins, split rings, split chains, rings off chains ~ in my mind, it is a good tutorial for not only beginners but those who want to learn SCMR and split chains (not covered in Baker's DVD).

This would make a welcomed Valentine's gift for the tatter that you love! (along with the chocolate) Seeing a SCMR and Split Chain actually tatted in front of you, is an adjunct to the great visuals available. Sometimes I can wrap my mind around the written instruction with a drawn visual; but, seeing it done helps immensely.

There are numbers of tutorials available on YouTube which are very good. It is worth it to google what you are looking for ~ never know when you will find a diamond! My newest favorite is by Iris Neibach.

Happy Valentine's Day & do not forget the cut off date for Ambittaterous Valentine Give away is February 8. (see earlier blog entry)


Marty said...

Great Post!

Tatskool said...

That's a GREAT post. Well said.

Fox said...

Nice informative post, Bev!
Fox : ) ♥

Isdihara said...

Thanks again for your lovely plug for my Valentine's Day giveaway.

I just love Valentine's Day and wanted to share with all of you lovely folks in Tat Land who have made my blogging experience so great!

Good luck! Two winners will be announced on Monday, January 8th.

Ridgetatter said...

Just a reminder ~ My 100 th post Appreciation Box is for those who have been with me for the duration. It is really to reward those who have followed me,
Later, I may do a general give-away but this one is for the current (as of Feb 1st, 2010) follower list.
But check out the many give-aways on other bloggers sites. And good luck.

Gina said...

Thanks for this lovely review. I don't have an ipod & didn't see a reason to get one, but some friends have suggested a use that I'm strongly considering...when I gets da $$$.

I have Janette's book and have been very impressed with the DVD. Haven't seen tattyhead's yet. As much as I wish these were around when I struggled to learn, I'm still happy to have learned the way I did. Each person in the tatting community was a teacher and it is often those little tips they showed me that I associate with them. :-)

Linda S Davies said...

Awh, Bev, I'm blushing right up to my lugholes (ears) LOL!
Thank you so much for your kind words about my DVD and what a good idea to inform other tatters, especially new ones, about the aids that are available for us tatters!