Wednesday, June 16, 2010


THE HDT is the best part of this edging! Size 40 Hdt by Zarina, on Anchor thread.

Garden Path (Color) edging I tatted for a handkerchief that I'm giving as a gift. I've had it completed for some time, but life kept interfering and, of course, there is always my timidity at actually sewing it on the hankie. (sigh ~ oh Mom, why didn't you teach me hand stitching?) Sew-mate shuttles in Turquoise and Orange.

Kelly (Trinkle) and Chris Thai tied the knot on June 11, Silver City.
A handsome couple. Kelly owns Curl Up and Dye Salon and Spa, and Chris is a talented Musician. And I'm fortunate to have them as friends (having young friends helps one keep mentally alert)

Birthday Bouquet from Betty, Richard and boys. The photo is of myself and my 3 daughters in 1995, Arboga, CA

Pendent by Designer: Yarnplayer Lizbeth, white with Nectarine Hdt rose in center. From Bev to Judith Conners for the In Tatters exchange.


Jane Eborall said...

Boy, oh BOY hasn't your tatting improved? Over the last few months it's just gone from perfect to MORE than perfect.
LOVE the pendant.

God's Kid said...

Your edging is so cheery and beautiful! :)

Fox said...

Bev, It is beautiful! C'mon! A little sewing-on is making YOU timid! I cannot believe it! Pick up that needle and get the thing on!
Fox : ))

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

No one will even notice your stitches when they lay eyes on that incredible edging you tatted!!!

What a lovely bouquet!!! WOW!

Ridgetatter said...

Holly you are righ!t! That bouquet is worthy of the grandest funeral...LOL (I have a far side sense of humor) But I'd rather have it now with toes on top of grass....than the other choice.

Jane: Has it? I'm not 'fishing for compliments' but I look at it all the time. I DO like how this edging and the pendent turned out; and, the coaster did of Dan Tatter's design was nice...but I don't know. I have either really great results or aghhhhhhh LOL
Have a good vacation; you deserve it

Fox: If it were a hankie with a hem I'd be a lot better off..but it's the sort with little, I'm squeamish. At least the other kind I can hide the threads...would you believe I have 3 completed edgings NOT on hankies. And each edging is at least 36" long...

Thank you GOD'S KID (whose better to be?)
Welcome to the blog of one woman learning...

xxxx bj

Karen said...

Bev, Your edging and pendant are lovely. You're an inspiration and I read your blog and do not comment. Need to change that and let you know that you encourage and are appreciated. Yes, it's much better to have that lovely flower arrangement when we're on the top side of the grass! Karen in OR

Sharon said...

The tatting is gorgeous and sewing's not so bad, you just have to sit down and do it. Can you drop me a line? My emails to you are bouncing.

agasunset said...

I LOVE IT!! So delicate and precise. I always admire taters for patience with size 40 thread. Amazing!