Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Remember ~ You asked for it. . .

This is the reason we stop at the lovely
rock formations at Texas Canyon on the way to Tucson. This is looking south and east towards El Freida and Bisbee, AZ; and, across the border, Agua Prieta, Mexico. In the sixties my daughter Kristen and I went to a dude ranch (this was before moving to ranch) so we could go on trail rides at the foot of the Chiricahua mountains. Kris had pneumonia and the Doctor said, "Take her out of school and away from the coast, go to the desert." I planned a tour of old west Ghost towns and we made a large circle through Arizona, ending up near El Freida, AZ. She had a great time because it was before Easter break and there were no other children there so she received all the attention from the adults and was welcomed at the adult dinner table.

But, Easter vacation arrived and there was an in pouring of the most ill bred, undisciplined children (the kind who are not only noisy, sassy and break things...but are mean behind their parent's back).

Owner-hostess, a pretentious woman decked out in turquoise and leathers (faux western), ordered K to the children's corner, from which could be heard sounds of distress with odd bits of food seen flying across the table. Her blue eyes widened and became dangerously moist; but she arose to obey the woman. About that time, a former-Marine officer, that Kristen had christened, "Captain America," stood up at the end of the table and said, "Sit down Krissy." She sat! He then directed his gaze at the over-dressed hostess and said, "This young lady has been here for a week, is disciplined, polite and kept our company; further her mother paid for her to be here...We all want her to stay with us!" Those at our table applauded. Kristen Jo was our constant companion for the next week. Paul, a retired Park Ranger taught her to shoot pool, Bill the wrangler showed her how to groom the horse she rode, the ladies went to Agua Prieta and took her along to shop in the Mexico markets. She had a wonderful time. Each couple gave her some sort of gift when we parted.
Consequently, this part of the country has a lot of very good memories for my family and Kris and I in particular.

I feel very bad that we can't make those quick trips into Mexico any longer because of the danger from the Drug Lords. In fact, other than stopping at this one area; people are cautioned not to stop in the valley in the back ground because that is the corridor illegals use to access Arizona and New Mexico. I loved going to Paloma and Agua Prieta in those days to shop for talavera pottery and pan (breads) from the Mexican bakery.

We are home again and glad for the low 80's temperature and the absolute deluge that we experienced about an hour after we arrived home. I love for it to rain and rain before the Fourth of July because the people here begin shooting off fire works in this tinder dry area and don't quit until September! The same thing happens on New Years Eve and lasts for another month! Fireworks are sold year round in New Mexico..and none of the safely laws are kept; when you live in such proximity to sage, pine and Pinon..it can be a bit frightening. Our Yorkie, Sara was so very afraid of the fireworks, thundering up the ridge; but, she is deaf now and can't hear them ~ a bittersweet blessing.

I am diligently working on Sheep pattern and almost back to where I began when I noticed the error; and, if I see another error further back ~ tough tatting...I'm finishing this whatever! Perhaps I'll share the photo I have of Karey's finished and framed "Sheep" at a later date, just so you can see what I've tackled.

The young people are home from the working vacation in California, full of enthusiasm and energy. Loyal is progressing in his Physical Therapy and moaning about 'unused' muscles that are protesting!

Unfortunately, all of the effects of the higher altitude removes my energy and breathing ability ~ so back to the bed! When we go to Tucson, I feel like a bird freed from my gilded cage! I hear you and believe me, if we could relocate at this time we would be there in a Texas minute. I've even found another ridge upon which to perch in the Catalina area, north of Tucson and overlooking the city. Thank goodness at my age I have learned to be content where ever I land.

NEWS! For those tatters who have suggested, asked and cajoled ~ I am beginning a bi-monthly devotional blog for tatters, utilizing tatting as an analogy in our devotional life. The title is: "A Tattered Soul" and there will be a six month trial.
It is a labor of love, matter of fact and non denominational. At right column, under my profile photo, is the title; clique on that, and the new blog will come up.

Following the example set by Paul, in the New Testament, I offer my credentials for such an endeavor. 50 years of seminar-level Bible study and training with both Moody Bible Institute and Multnomah school of the Bible; and, an ordained evangelist of the Interdenominational Association of Washington State. (1961). At one time I had a radio ministry with our little community church that was aired in the Wenatchee apple country from the eastern desert of Washington state. In addition, I've done jail ministry, child evangelism (CEF missionary), and taught Beginners to Young Marrieds for many years on Sunday mornings (the latter often complained about the home work I gave ~ but these were noble men and women of the Air Force who flew Stealth bombers and U2 air craft. They required a challenge to the little grey cells! LOL). However, I've always been taught that God's people were sheep, not Giraffes; keep the food low...come along, we'll have humor and food for thought. July 4 is the release date, it is open for all and comments, questions are welcomed; but, no anonymous comments will be accepted. (avoiding spammers)

Now you will see why I hate having photos taken.
A very warm 105 degrees at Texas Canyon Pass east of Benson, AZ. Bight sun and being hot doesn't help. If it looks as though I'm looking at DH and thinking, "Just get this over with!" You are right on target. But many of you wanted to see the Purple streak...here it is in all its radiant glory. LOL
Trust me I am a person who laughs all the time, but my aversion to a camera is legendary. For about 15 years (when I was younger!) I would not be in any photos at all. Well, enough of this subject, it is over and done with and I'm glad! ummmm of course, I'm really thinking of having all the dark brunette hair with red and silver highlights; totally silver. DH seems to have survived 'the streak.' (wicked grin ~ trust me) But I see a short life for the purple streak.


Marty said...

Okay, I officially like the purple streak. :) I've got a clip-in natural hair blue curl I like to wear just to put the bosses teeth on edge. I'll be checking on your blog to see if you DO post that picture of Karey's sheep doily. Good thing I'm not a cat or curiosity would have done me in by now.

Sally Kerson said...

Agree very interesting rock formations. The purple streak is very daring!

Fox said...

Hi Bev! Love this new blog. Looks great.

The land is glorious... the mountains are breathtaking. I do love your neck of the woods.

Daring is embracing silver! I chose it decades ago and have never looked back. Figure I earned it! Like wrinkles and scars. All these things are badges of a different strata!

Fox the Ferocious ♥ ; )

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I have to laugh at Texas Canyon. When I went thru there the first time, it was on the way to Tucson -- which I had never seen before -- on my honeymoon -- to relocate, at 17. I was so freaked out by Texas Canyon that I swore I would "never" pass through it again. Of course, I have, tons of times. The rocks scared me, coming from a rockless area!!!

Very interesting story about the dude ranch! I am so glad that the other adults spoke up for your daughter and she got to stay with the more civilized folks!

Maureen said...

I am confused, Bev - is this the new blog? - because it's the 5th here now, and I can't see a link which will take me to the new one beginning on the 4th......
Loved the travel story, a part of the world I will never get to, so I lapped it up!

Ridgewoman said...

Maureen. I am so sorry. Unfortunately I have not figured out how to imbed links within blog text.

No, this is not the new blog ~ I just changed my background (and Fox noticed!) to be in the clouds where I live! LOL

The NEW devotional blog can be found, for the time being, by going to my full profile and clicking on the link that says: A Tattered Soul. That does work, because I tried it myself!

Later, when i conqueror the "how to" I will add a link directly from my tatting blog to the devotional blog.
Any suggestions on this would be appreciated because I tried everything on the layout page!

Although non-denominational, my viewpoints will be expressed; and, I accept that not all my agree with my conclusions. However, they are based upon the foundation of scripture, which I've always found to mean what it states. I use the Inductive method of Bible study ( doesn't affect the reader's abilities in any way); which, I find to be a satisfactory study technique. (there are others, of course). I've used it in teaching my students for years and it improves their ability to decipher a passage for themselves. Turned out to be work for them, judging from their feedback. In the long run they did appreciate their efforts. But I won't burden the reader with teaching that method of study ~ however, it is how I study passages to prepare for the devotional.

Sorry for confusing you, my friend. Press on!

Ridgewoman said...

Holly, when my Lori Elayne was little, she was frightened when we drove up to 3 Sisters Oregon from Springfield. When she was older she told me they "loomed over the car and I thought they were reaching for me."
I've always, since a child, think those kinds of rock formations look like a Giant's pillow...LOL

xxx bj

battatter said...

Hi Bev,
Thanks for the great posts about my Bellaluna! you make me smile!
I will post her picture on FB asap.

Tatskool said...

Your blog looks so pretty, great post, liked all the photos especially the purple streak.