Saturday, July 31, 2010

A GOOD Thing ~ Right?

Have you heard? Palmetto Tat Days SCHOLARSHIP Quilt
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. . .But THIS is why I can no longer reach my Tatting Corner. It is the Great Wall of Progress!
Why? Well, the resident artist is embarking on a business venture which required a working studio/gallery; which in turn, required SPACE. And the most well-lit expansive space that was mostly unused (except for storage obviously) was the Galleria on the South side of our home.

rebekahjune photograpy and Custom Frame Shoppe.

Although Rebekah's shop is located in downtown Silver, her work space is here. All that needs completed is the glass cutter mounted on the wall. (it is huge) She did most of the physical work of hanging, painting, designing the space ~ and PaPa gave her assistance as allowed! (LOL) It is so great that she can use and is so handy with power tools!

Consequently, until we get a storage unit rented, we do not have much of a living room. Fortunately, THIS space is about 45 x 15' and it just takes up ONE third of the great room; but, unfortunately, there is no path to the Tatting. I CAN reach the Colcha books and the Christmas wrapping storage…but that is it!

Five tatters and I participated in an on line "tatting yard sale" offered on Celtic tatting forum, sent in our PayPal money; and. . . Nothing! At this point, none of those 'winners' have received any further reasons for the goods not arriving. I am sure Ruth will come through by the 8th of August; and, she mentioned to one of the participants that she might do a refund if the winners wanted. I participated because I understood that the money went to a scholarship for attendance at a tatting workshop. A cause I'm always willing to support because I can't attend; and, would so love to be able to go to at least one! In the meantime, I've sent a separate donation to Palmetto for scholarships and tickets to win one of those wonderful Tatted Quilts/hangings and other prizes. The Quilt blocks were tatted by International tatters and I urge everyone to participate. Even though I'd LOVE to hang this on my own Chocolate wall! LOL

I have been tatting and will share that in the next post…this was all about progress; or, lack thereof. Ain't Life Grand? (well, it is better than the alternative). My pet peeve is being taken advantage of by friends.

I've tatted a couple of small hearts with an outstanding colourway from Yarnplayer. It is soooo yummy; Corsage. The first one, I twisted a chain; but, the second looks pretty good. And I did a generic leaf that is an adaptation of a 1979 pattern in the Workbasket. It is sort of wonky in looks, but the pattern is also not totally centered. It was kind of unnerving to me when it was finished. I'm so used to newer patterns being balanced! LOL


Jane Eborall said...

What mess is that? Looks homely to me!!!! Shame about the yard sale = keep us posted on 'what happens next', won't you? DO hope this gets resolved soon - nothing worse than paying for something and it not arriving.

Maureen said...

Not being able to reach your tatting caused me a momentary pause for breath, I do admit - but then I thought to myself that you would NEVER have left home without one of Jane's Roly Poly bags, and I'm almost sure that Sheep went with you, so you have emergency supplies!