Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Addendum

OVAL, back to SQUARE One
Decided to take out all the rows back to center flowers and green row that surrounded and connects that motif. Re-tatted the next few rounds and I'm now back to the trellis ~ which was where I left off~ I could have let it go, I mean it isn't as though there are not a few glitches in this version; but, nothing major. Nothing that I can't live with, since I'm not a perfectionist and it isn't going to be entered in a competition. It is lightly blocked and has the edging that I added in place of the violas. The trellis will be cream Anchor thread, size 30.

FRUSTRATION and BOREDOM drove me to tatting a couple of small Peacock hearts and a leaf. This is the leaf that is an adaptation of one that appeared in a Workbasket circa '79. The one that is every so slightly off center. I'm not satisfied with any of these pieces, but they served the purpose to move me back towards the oval, Sheep doily.

However, I'm currently tatting a rosary from Heirloom Treasures in Tatting; pattern by
Myrtle Hamilton, adorned with pearls. The main body is being done in Lizbeth # 660 with the medallion and cross in #614 ~ the recipient's favorite colors. Her birthday is in September and we hope to get to El Paso, so I can give it to her in person. I know it will be a treasure in her eyes. Luz really is interested in the things I've been tatting or reading; she is a very nice grandma.

Hand Dyed Thread on hearts is Yarnplayer's CORSAGE size 40, and the leaf is Zarina's Garden Path (one of my favorite threads).

TUESDAY MORNING! Decided to make a trek to the tatting corner to see if I could access things I needed and this was what greeted my eyes! What a nice surprise brought on a Happy Tatting Dance. (figuratively speaking) A titian-haired angel had cleared away the obstacles!


The yard sale issue was solved, at least for me; and, I hope for the other five tatters. I received a refund of the monies I'd sent for the 'yard sale'/Scholarship offered in May.
I'm glad this issue was concluded satisfactorily for both parties. No bad feelings on my end and I'm glad I had gone forward with my support for the Scholarship Quilt drawing before the deadline. The end of this month, BTW! Be sure to buy your 'tickets' for the drawings. (click on the word Quilt at the beginning of my last blog entry. The more the merrier, I say!


Jane Eborall said...

So, now you've found your way to your tat corner what are you going to do next????? Glad the yard sale problem was solved and also hope it was for the others too.
I managed to buy tickets for the drawing yesterday - having forgotten to confirm it with Paypal the first time round!!! What a plonker I am at times!!!

Ridgewoman said...

I'M looking for a certain pattern that I've tatted before. I THOUGHT it was in one of my binders; but no luck finding it so far.

I need a UK definition for "plonker" What, pray tell, exactly IS a plonker. (is it for instance a x between a plodder and a donkey?) Define please because my 'far side' mind is running amok! lOL

I'd wish you 'luck' with winning the Quilt ~ but I'm too selfish. LOL JKidding. I'd be happy to win any one of the prizes; the wall hanging would actually be perfect!

xxxx P

xxxx P

Maureen said...

A "plonker" in Australia would roughtly translate to a "dork" - an inept person, a silly idiot, but full of good intentions!
I'm buying a ticket too, but neither of you can win it because "I" want it........lol.

Ridgewoman said...
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Ridgewoman said...

Ah well, when ONE OF YOU wins it ~ I pity you the postage for a large quilt to UK or OZ. Tee Hee….
Much less to send it straight to New Mexico….

Thanks for the definition. I don't think our Jane is a plonker ~ but she is always well-intentioned; and, , I qualify for 'silly'. :>) Being too serious upsets my equilibrium.

xx bj (edited for typos)

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Hi Grams,
I made you an oval template...so now you can block that gorgeous oval doily! http://ladyshuttlemaker.blogspot.com/2010/08/more-blocking-templates-for-you.html

Ridgewoman said...

WOW…Thanks Sherry! What a great help that will be to many of us…And the square, too. I appreciate your taking the time for the whim of an old lady…
hugs, grams