Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Tatting Gifts

The first gift was from the Tatting Forum's Christmas Exchange.  Diane C. (Lace loving Librarian) had my name and this is what she sent.  One of her lovely decoupage shuttles (I like the colors and the paisley), 3 charms which totally charmed me, as I had planned to tat a bracelet with a ocean-theme and have the other sea creature charms and a really neat sterling fish-fastener.   The "B" and the locket are perfect for personalizing the bracelet.  A skein of variegated HDT (which I gave to my daughter who is learning to tat, as I have so much HDT), A color of Lizbeth that I did not have (but have the companion colors) and one of her lovely Mary Konier, Windmill doilies.   And, EZ Bobs (I also shared 3 of  those with daughter).

Lace Loving Librarian’s Windmill!  It is a lovely piece of tatting.

And from Martha Ess!    Can’t you just ‘feel’ sitting at one’s window, looking out upon the snow-covered park, while enjoying a cuppa from this lovely T-pot?  I can, and since it is snowing lightly

I also received via Diane C, a lovely little pink pic, Blinged by Fox (she received mine and I received hers; so we switched).  Alas, mine arrived with a broken tip; and, I’m hoping I padded hers enough that it will not break in transit.  My pink was blinged with a lovely little butterfly.  I have the end, so will apply some glue ~ at least I’ll have a memento from Fox; which I really appreciate.  After its ‘boo boo’ is glued, I shall take a photo and share.

So nice to have friends that send tatting.  I treasure each piece I receive, as when I give tatting it is giving a part of myself.  A bit like my poetry; which is pretty well closeted!  :>)   Perhaps some day I will share that with you; or, perhaps the muse will move me to a tatting poem.  After all, tatting hands are poetry in motion.


Quayceetatter said...

Happy New Year to you!! Love looking at goodies people send. The windmill is beautiful and love the colors. I have Mary's book and has inspired me to make one! On a day like today you can see it spinning...

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm glad you liked your exchange gift, Bev. I feel bad that your pic arrived with a broken tip. I hope the glue works.