Sunday, January 16, 2011

The FUN Factor ~ in Tatting it is Jane Eborall’s TIAS

Jane Eborall’s blog has a phrase, “the fun factor”.  One fun factor for the bleak January weather is Jane’s TAT IT AND SEE (TIAS).  By now, almost everyone knows that a TIAS is a pattern, released in tantalizing ‘bits’ and we don’t know WHAT we’ve tatted until the end...or nearly.  Guesses are welcomed, encouraged and the purpose is so our Jane doesn’t get bored in January.  However, it also serves to keep my interest ‘sparked’ the first month of the year.  Here, then, are my offerings for Days 1 and 2.

Having used variegated threads on past TIAS, decided to be a little more low-key in my choices this time and using size 20; Lisbeth Black and Peach with hematite size 9 beads.  The Continuous Thread Join (CTJ) is a great answer to avoiding the dreaded CUT AND TIE (with all those ends!).  CTJ happens with Day 2.

Day one, rings and chains.  I’m using my new Christmas 2010 shuttle from The Shuttle Shop; and, one of the pastel series clovers.

Here the CTJ has been added along with the hematite beads.  You can see how helpful the coiless pins become for holding the beads in place until they are joined to later in the pattern.  I’m noticing after the CTJ a tendency for the line to curve ~ if one pulls up tension too much on the CTJ.  That’s why the last ring seems a bit tilted.   I loosed the tension and it dropped down nicely with the others; however, I’m wondering if there is supposed to be a curve.   What will happen next?   I am no where near guessing what this might become after day 2.  Many guesses and comments have been made, which you will find on Jane’s TIAS blog.

WORK IN PROGRESS.  Christmas Bookmark by Nancy Tracy ( ; and, I’m using Corsage hdt (yarnplayer) and Fern green hdt.   Her’s was violet and green and she named it Christmas Violets; but, mine is to brighten up January gloom (although in sunny SW we don’t have much ‘gloom’) I love the colourway “Corsage”  So cheerful.  Each of these flowers is individually tatted.  It is a one shuttle pattern, but I’m using two on the green border.  (easier for me).  It is a very quick pattern to work up.  
Besides working on the “Sheep” this is what I’ve been tatting this week.  


Jane Eborall said...

Well I hope somebody knows what it's going to be when it's finished - I've forgotten!!!! Just kidding!!!!

Fox said...

Love the colours in the bookmark. Very pretty.
Fox : )

Quayceetatter said...

Love the kitty picture, when is it going to tat!!(: Nice choice of colors. I have chosen dk and lt purples and not sure about the beads. I like easy, one shuttle bookmarks. I am working on a one shuttle edging and it is nice to put down and pick up when one has time!!

God's Kid said...

Your bookmark is awesome! I love the Corsage color thread too! :)

Carol Lawecki said...

Your kitty is too darn cute! What a Gem she is.

I like your color and bead choice for the TIAS. I need to do day 3 now.

Lovely colors on your bookmark too!!

Rose Anne B said...

I love your work and those awesome wooden shuttles with a name on them too! Where did you get them from if you don't mind my asking? Beautiful bookmark coming along!!!

Ridgewoman said...

Rose Anne B. Thank you for visiting and the compliment on my tatting. I’m at experienced intermediate; and, really just beginning my tatting journey (in my mind).
The wooden shuttle with my name is from:
The Shuttle Shop and they have a tatting forum, also. Contact Erin.
They customize shuttles and have a variety of wooden, acrylic, and a new patent ~ a winder shuttle (which many really like). I have at least 8 different shuttles from there. I particularly like those with ivory or pearl inlay. (roses, dove, bear et cetera) They run from 30 to 70 dollars ~ depending on style. Each year they come out with a Christmas shuttle for that year. They also do personalized shuttles for Tatting guilds.
Check them out; very nice folks.