Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What Would We do Without Tutorials?

As Jane would say, “I’m so chuffed!"  You know how, sometimes, you put off learning something new because   it seems as though it is going to be really tricky and time-consuming?  Well, I’ve been putting off placing a bead in side of a split ring.  I love to tat split rings!  And, for this rosary I’m planning (yes, still planning, it took a lot of thought because I want it to be ‘just right’) I wanted to put 8mm pearls in each split ring, and for the ‘Our Father’ part  3-4 mm pearls.  The piece that is usually a medallion is a small, sterling silver triangle (representing the trinity), the cross is one of JaneEb’s (if I can do it correctly) but I need to make it smaller from size 20 (20 makes a good bookmark size, but a tad too big for my purpose here; on the other hand, I don’t want a ‘wimpy’ little cross either). And there is to be a red Swarski heart in the middle of the Celtic ring of the cross.  So many decisions, but first I had to learn how to put the pearl in the split ring.  I began with Jane’s tutorial and could not continue because Pippa thought the large Russian shuttle  (#2) was a new toy and ran off with it!  After she went to bed for the night; I retrieved the shuttle and my practice thread, found a regular bead and proceeded.   This is what I got after my first try.

I’m assuming I did it correctly as the bead is enclosed.  What do you think?   I, personally, am ‘chuffed’ because I got it on the first go without any real difficulty (gee, what a new feeling for me ~ the last new technique I sort of learned was split chains; and, that was harder to learn and retain.  It was the same with SCMRs which are now really easy).

 I’m eager to begin “for realsies” as I have all the pearls, findings, 2 colors of thread, shuttles, coiless pins and no excuse not to begin!  Except, I think this is a project with which Pippa will NOT be able to participate!  I’ve given her an EZ Bob of her very own and that seems to occupy her for at least 15 minutes!  It is akin to tatting with a 2 year old at your side. “Mommy, look at me, mommy play with me, oooh look what I can get into.”  However, like a child she does have afternoon naps and I think that will be the best time to work on the rosary uninterrupted.  Yes, I could lock her up or stick her in the bathroom; but, why?  I bought her to be a companion and companions are not locked away; but played with, talked to and  generally interacted with!  She doesn’t bother a ball of thread, just when I use two shuttles; and, the fascination is with the large Russian shuttle.   She may have to have her own Tatsy to tat with; a tatting Bengal.

BTW Bengals that are F2 are domesticated cats, not wild. F2’s are good breeding stock; however Pippa is to be spayed in February.   Although, at this age she seems a bit wild.  Her grandparents (the foundation stock) eat raw meat and are wild they are caged but have egress to safe habitats for their outside activities and their cattery has heat for winter and air conditioning for summer. And the Queen visits them!  F1’s are for those who can handle them; but F2’s are definitely a domesticated cat with leopard, marbled, or ti color marking.   I much prefer the leopard; but, that is just me.  There are also white Bengals with blue or turquoise eyes, and dark spots; but they are a mutation.  And having studied genetics, although they are rarer and beautiful (and therefore very pricy) mutations usually have other health problems (at least in other animal breeds).  So, while Pippa has a ‘wild’ look and is a live-wire kitten; she is like a little puppy.  Wanting to interact, wanting to please.  And in the morning she is wound up and all action.  Too much action for working pearls in split rings.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I think you have great reason to be "chuffed"! Now for the real deal!

Martha said...

Your trial piece looks like you are ready to go. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece. I hope you can make good progress during "baby's" naps.

Maureen said...

I think it's going to be beautiful - and you have gathered all your supplies around you, so you can allow yourself to begin this long-planned project.
I don't think I would give Pippa a shuttle; for the same reason I never gave any of our animals old shoes to chew, they can't be expected to recognise the difference between the toy and the "proper" item! (unless Pippa is VERY discerning, of course).

Miranda said...

Congratulations on your achievement!

I've learned to start tatting with a stock of cat toys within reach. That way, I have things available with which to distract Squijum from my tatting. Of course, there are times when he simply won't be distracted, and then I just have to put the tatting down for a while. With maturity (now at the ripe old age of 8 months), it has gotten easier to direct his play appropriately. Pippa will get there.

Mary Robinson - Peachtree Cottage said...

Great job on the beading in the ring. I think you got it ! I look forward to seeing the rosary that you have planned.

Sclew said...

I am in awe of anyone who tats these beautiful things, Bev. I think I may have to come watch you tat sometime. Of course, I'll have to watch Pippa play a little too! She is so cute.

Ridgewoman said...

Sclew (C). You may not only watch; I have tons of thread and shuttles and if you want to give it a go ~ I’d be delighted to teach you. The rudiments are really just a chain, rings and picots and one progresses from there. It is light, portable and a lot of fun; plus you will be keeping a wonderful fiber art alive and moving.
And you can watch Pippa play any time you wish.
You can not begin to know how your thoughtfulness and visits brighten my day. I had not realized we had so much in common!
Sclew brought me the neatest acrylic frame with a Pic of Pippa and it has the cutest saying written upon it ~ “We speak Cat here” is just a part of the inscription. Pippa loves it, she bats it around when I don’t keep her off the beside table.
I keep removing things from the table, soon it will be just a kitty play ground! She also loves my 1/2 glass of ice chips. And her newest thing is trying to get lids off water bottles to get at the water. They love water! Pippa is adjusting to her lavender halter; but, need to find a real kitty halter (this one was bought to replace the late Sara’s old one; but, she never used it). I’ve found a couple but, of course, they were sold out. I think it would be possible (if I could see a real cat one) to tat with SR’s a nice cat harness that would be wider and kinder to the pelt. Something to think about.

tattrldy said...

Congrats on the bead-inside-a-splitring. I have the same problem you do, thinking a technique will be hard, so I haven't tried it yet. So "if you can, so can I!" Hey, I just learned SSSRs so I can learn this!

Love hearing about Pippa. Around here we would call that cheap entertainment (as in, fun and you don't have to go out and spend money to enjoy it). I'm glad my kitties are older and don't have quite that much energy :-)