Sunday, February 10, 2013

Time to Tat!

A minor miracle here as I’m able to tat for an hour at a time before my right hand gives out.
I decided to finish the biggest piece I’d begun, “Sheep May Safely Graze”.  Have managed to finish a row around the oval shape and added another.  I have one more to do and then the Sheep; so, am closing in on it!

I don’t have any photos to show you, need to find my scanner.  I also need a new ironing board but am holding out for the nice one in the Williams Sonoma catalog.  LOL  Might as well dream big.  I like it because it is solid and will not tip over -- have fought ironing boards all my ironing life; plus, I can sit on a stool with this one because it is adjustable and will also hold my iron.  I think I should get it for my BD, don’t you?   LOL

Dialysis is different from day to day.  It depends on the technician I have; and, I’ve learned I can actually refuse a tech and ask for a different one.  THIS is very hard for me to do as I hate to make people feel bad.  But, a small number of the techs are:  sloppy, don’t get the needles all the way in (and I bleed around the needles), don’t watch my BP close enough and I nearly pass out (which is hard on the old ticker).  My daughter, Kristen, lives with us now about 95% of the time and accompanies me to dialysis.  This is a good thing because she worked in nursing and keeps an eye out and goes and gets the tech before things go totally awry.  DH wouldn’t do that as he didn’t want to be a bother.   I like having an advocate!

Managing to help prepare a meal a couple of times a week.  I made stuffed bell peppers Saturday.  I can’t do a meal from the: getting out pots/pans, ingredients  and so forth.  But DH does all that prep work and I make swiss steak, a slow cooked pot roast, spaghetti, tamale pie, enchiladas.  Mostly 1 dish or pan meals.  I haven’t tried lasagna lately.

My youngest daughter picks me up every 6 - 8 weeks for a mani-pedi.  I catch up with her at the end of her hair appointment, have my wash n fluff style done in about 15 minutes at JANE by Holly. Then we go to eat brunch/lunch which is always a surprise new place picked out by BB.  After a long lunch we go to The Pedicure Lounge for the mani-pedi.  She brings me home around 4 PM.  It is nice to be spoiled but I feel guilty about the $$ she spends on me.  She would not let me pay so I have my cut/color done on a different day.  

My middle daughter and I go once a month for my cut/color and whatever she wants for that day.  Last time she had blonde streaks done and it really looks great.  Holly does a good job.  Then we go eat at our Favorite East Indian restaurant in East Sac.  

None of this has to do with tatting but it has to do with my quality of life and support.  Which makes tatting a real possibility since my right hand will work for that hour.  
Just dropped in to say “hello” to my tatting friends.  I DO think about you gals/guys a lot!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2013!  


Karen said...

Welcome back!! It is so good to hear from you and see how you are doing. Even a quick "Hi" would be good, but this post was way better. Blessings, Karen in OR

Maureen said...

Good to read your post today! - and it sounds like a cheerful and fulfilled life to me!
How lovely to be able to go out for special days with your three daughters.
The Sheep Doily will be finished, those random hours will lead to completion. I used to call that "using the chinks of Time" when my children were small.
But I have to disagree on the subject of the Ironing Board. You could be using your hand for tatting instead!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

It's good to read a post from you, Bev! I'm glad you have an advocate and such wonderful support from your family. I know what you mean about not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings, but sometimes we all need to stand up for ourselves.

An hour a day for tatting is a great accomplishment!

Maureen said...

I tried to leave a comment, but had a message to say that it was undeliverable - no idea why that should be the case, but I'm just trying again to see if this goes through.

Ladytats said...

Hi Bev, oh how good it is to hear from you. I catch you FB posts, but this is more like a letter.
I am glad that things are looking up for your.
How nice to be able to spend time with family, and to have someone help when in need.
Take care, and have fun.
Blessings on you and your family.

Good that your hand has healed enough so you can tat.

Marty said...

Hooray! Any tatting time is good time. I'm so glad to read you're doing well enough for tatting.
Oh, and I soooo agree with you about having an advocate in any medical procedure or hospital stay. Having someone to stick up for you or encourage you to stick up for yourself really makes a difference in the quality of care you get!