Sunday, February 10, 2013

Time to Tat!

A minor miracle here as I’m able to tat for an hour at a time before my right hand gives out.
I decided to finish the biggest piece I’d begun, “Sheep May Safely Graze”.  Have managed to finish a row around the oval shape and added another.  I have one more to do and then the Sheep; so, am closing in on it!

I don’t have any photos to show you, need to find my scanner.  I also need a new ironing board but am holding out for the nice one in the Williams Sonoma catalog.  LOL  Might as well dream big.  I like it because it is solid and will not tip over -- have fought ironing boards all my ironing life; plus, I can sit on a stool with this one because it is adjustable and will also hold my iron.  I think I should get it for my BD, don’t you?   LOL

Dialysis is different from day to day.  It depends on the technician I have; and, I’ve learned I can actually refuse a tech and ask for a different one.  THIS is very hard for me to do as I hate to make people feel bad.  But, a small number of the techs are:  sloppy, don’t get the needles all the way in (and I bleed around the needles), don’t watch my BP close enough and I nearly pass out (which is hard on the old ticker).  My daughter, Kristen, lives with us now about 95% of the time and accompanies me to dialysis.  This is a good thing because she worked in nursing and keeps an eye out and goes and gets the tech before things go totally awry.  DH wouldn’t do that as he didn’t want to be a bother.   I like having an advocate!

Managing to help prepare a meal a couple of times a week.  I made stuffed bell peppers Saturday.  I can’t do a meal from the: getting out pots/pans, ingredients  and so forth.  But DH does all that prep work and I make swiss steak, a slow cooked pot roast, spaghetti, tamale pie, enchiladas.  Mostly 1 dish or pan meals.  I haven’t tried lasagna lately.

My youngest daughter picks me up every 6 - 8 weeks for a mani-pedi.  I catch up with her at the end of her hair appointment, have my wash n fluff style done in about 15 minutes at JANE by Holly. Then we go to eat brunch/lunch which is always a surprise new place picked out by BB.  After a long lunch we go to The Pedicure Lounge for the mani-pedi.  She brings me home around 4 PM.  It is nice to be spoiled but I feel guilty about the $$ she spends on me.  She would not let me pay so I have my cut/color done on a different day.  

My middle daughter and I go once a month for my cut/color and whatever she wants for that day.  Last time she had blonde streaks done and it really looks great.  Holly does a good job.  Then we go eat at our Favorite East Indian restaurant in East Sac.  

None of this has to do with tatting but it has to do with my quality of life and support.  Which makes tatting a real possibility since my right hand will work for that hour.  
Just dropped in to say “hello” to my tatting friends.  I DO think about you gals/guys a lot!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2013!  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All The News Fit to Print


LORI ELAYNE DAVIS (Fields)  Oct 12, 1956 to Feb. 14, 2008   RIP


November?  Time seems to pass quickly since I began dialysis.  Sacramento finally has clouds and a couple of sprinkles.  It was quite nice to day in the low seventies.

ANGELINE H CRICHLOW’S, “Let’s Tat” arrived at my home from Martha Ess.  I was so excited to see it!  Martha tatted a piece from the book and sent to me; that’s part of the deal. Because I am unable to tat currently, Martha kindly enclosed an extra tatted piece for me to send on; such a wonderful lady.  The new piece travels with its own Angel, which stays in the book.  Too much fun!
I was surprised that it is a regular bound book.  When I’d read that she had it published (self-published) I don’t know what I expected but it is a nicely bound book of brown with gold leaf stamping.  It has just about everything you could think of inside.  Some of the patterns are from the 1800’s only written in a more modern style.  It even tells how she tatted a volley ball net!  I must say the quality of the tatting isn’t good and the patterns would improve with some tweaking and new techniques and less cut and tie!  I felt privileged to have it spend time with me.

ANOTHER SURPRISE was the Shuttle flying over Sojourner Park at the end of our street and we were so excited but didn’t get a picture.  BUT THEN I heard they were circling the state capitol building and then flying south.  DH put a director’s chair in the front of the house and a few minutes later, there it was. Overhead and seemed so close, felt like I could touch it.  Tailed by a F-15 Fighter.  Very exiting to me as when I was in the sixth grade at Soap Lake, Washington, the Flying Wing flew over our school.  We were all excited and allowed to go on the school yard to see it fly over out of Moses Lake Air Force Base.  I have always loved planes and had planned to be a Stewardess back in the day, and to learn to fly.  So here it is, flying over my house!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Photo Ops for My Readers

Pippa loves looking out on the porch.  She has gotten 
leggier and smarter!

You just KNOW i had to do something silly for 76

In spite of all the challenges, I went to the “mad Hatters Tea” 
at Greenhaven Lutheran Church.  This is a vintage hat that
my daughter, Kristen, bought me some years ago when we used
to haunt antique stores looking for shuttles.

ZELLA  1 year old..loves water 
My newest Great Granddaughter

Grandson, Nate’s graduation from SEALS bootcamp

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Since my right hand is actually working today, I’ve come visiting on the blog.  Yes, it has been a while; but, spurred on by FOX and JANE EB here I am.  Ranting at an Orwellian world; my perception this fine afternoon.

Why?  Because I failed at failing, consequently, I do not get oxygen to be able to travel.  I had to reach Obama’s health plans number of 87 to 89 on the little finger meter.  I could only get down to 90 even though after 6 minutes of walking two people were actually holding me up and I was gasping like the fish on the dock.   I looked like one of those exhausted marathon runners whose body has gone spastic.  Seriously, what does this mean in the real scheme of things in my life?  No lunches out with a friend because I can’t walk without oxygen (numbers be damned) a distance of 10 feet.  No hopping on a plane to go to a tatting conference.  Only the wheel chair, which is cumbersome and difficult for my husband to lift in and out of the van.  I’d love to hear the  justification for this illusive number inspired by some mid-level functionary.  What?  I left the doctor with a headache, slightly light-headed and that horrible word, failed, hanging over my head.  I never fail at anything, at least not totally.  

Ah well, on to tatting.  Those who’ve kept in contact, their number is few and SO appreciated, know that after several operations to open up a “good” vein for the dialysis I now have a vein and a graph. This ensured there wasn’t an 8th operation but it also went far beyond numbness and tingling; to #10 on the pain scale.  It is called STELL; meaning that the graph and vein steal most of the blood from circulating to the hand.  I keep wondering if it will turn black and fall off (JOKE).  BUT it is necrosis.  It is a block of wood and most of the day I can’t hold a fork, let alone a shuttle.  That is the tatting update!  

I have NOT given up!  I find I can tat for 15 minute intervals, so I shall find projects that are quick, or that I can work on in spurts ~ like Jane’s TIAS.  I’m going to TRY to finish the “Sheep” doily because my daughter really wants it finished.  Have to find it first, packing has not proceeded as husband has not been doing well and has his hands full with laundry, home cleaning, and cooking. The arthritis is beginning to make his fingers curl up and so he is also challenged by old age.  

Please do not think because I have shared this news that I’m downcast or feel hopeless.  I do not.  I enumerate my blessings.  I’m in the beautiful tree-filled town I love, I can see my daughters with regularity and we have “girls” days where we have mani-pedis and lunch out, and I’m in a church where there are loving people and opportunities to serve the Lord from my home; and, able to attend the Wednesday Bible Study class from my wheel chair. 

Just this past weekend, Kristen came to visit (it is a 45 minute drive from her home) and stayed from Thursday through Sunday afternoon.  We had a lovely day getting our hair done by Holly at JANE, and a Googled East Indian eatery called BOMBAY.  By the time I’d finished my small lunch and got myself back to the van I was done for the day...but it was a lovely morning.  

RESOLUTION  Loyal is going to rent little oxygen bottles that last 4 hours and I can use them for church and the girl-day outings; then, I’ll last a bit longer.  

I am currently working on a book mark and I’ve decided the pattern is too involved for me to continue because just as I get to the difficult part, my hand goes useless and that is frustrating.  These are techniques I HAD conquered but what I do has to be easy and quick.  

So here I am and I promise to have something to show for my 15-minute tatting episodes the next time I blog.  Good to be back and as my hand begins needle and pins pain, I bid you a fond adieu!   Oh, I have a new, short hair style in Platinum that is easy to care for and reflects my undoubted persona.  LOL

Saturday, November 5, 2011

All the trees are turning Fall Colors. . .SOOOOO

AH HA!  THE LEAVES are not the only thing turning copper this Fall. I was feeling drab and bedraggled after my sojourn in the hinterlands of New Mexico; “No Country for Old Men/Women” indeed!  Have had 4 dialysis treatments and with all my trepidation, turned out not to be so bad.  Getting the temporary catheter was a night mare but after that; not too bad.  Takes 12 hours out of my week but it goes by fairly fast as I can use my laptop and if my fistula never works; I’ll have both hands free and can tat.

I don’t have any tatting to show, Need to unpack the books.  I DO know where shuttles and thread are, though.  :>)  We are sorting as we unpack and trying to put away things before we unpack more.  A lot of non essential will have to go, there is a lack of storage.  No walk in pantry, no walk in closets and no utility room cuts down on storage I took for granted.  LOL  Also, one less bedroom means one less closet.
But I do like my little home.  We’re going to the Scandinavian Design store to buy functional pieces for storage; a two drawer, two-drawer curio with a matching, but separate, console.  Later next year, we’ll get the matching table.  We bought only ‘must have’ furniture after the FLOOD of 97 so we are overdue for a few pieces to replace what we lost.  The only thing I have too many of are chairs..I think I have a chair ‘fetish’.  LOL  I’m giving two to the grandson’s apartment along with the chair and a half that we gave them.

Today I’m celebrating having a great hair stylist; At 76, my hair is the only thing I have going for me, so I’m celebrating the artist who does it!  Holly.  She is as much of a perfectionist as I and that is a good thing.  I love Sacramento, the trees are turning red, gold, copper along the wide boulevards here in Greenhaven area. The days have been sunny with intermittent leaf shadows.  We are supposed to have a sprinkle of rain by Sunday.  The Da Vita clinic (West Elk Grove) is populated by really nice nurses and technicians.  The manager is from the UK.

Wanted my readers to know that I’m doing a lot better, will be tatting again soon and will be in full swing with the blogging.  Thanks for hanging in there with me; when I find the scanner I’ll show you all the lovelies sent to me by Jane, Fox and Martha Ess.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


LAST VIEW of New Mexico’s Fall Balloon celebration.  We saw this one on our way to CA.

IT’S A SMALL WORLD. . .Professor Claude Smith (WNMU, Silver City, NM) is an ex pat from AVOCA, Iowa.  Not a big deal BUT my Mother was born and went to school in Avoca; and Claude grew up there as his father was the pastor of the Congregational Church in Avoca.  Not at the same time, of course, but it was fun meeting someone who even knew where Avoca is located!  Zella, my Mom’s namesake, and Claude party at the University.

Today I remember all the good, fun times we had with our first-born daughter.  She was such a happy, friendly little one.  Too young to die, she passed away during the flu epidemic that spring.  One of those souls who were really never understood and never found her place in life.  But she knew “Who held her hand, and trusted her Lord for her eternity”  We will meet again!

Havent found the toaster as yet, BUT have found the pots n pans.  Still surrounded by boxes; no inside photos as yet.  This is my green, grassy yard.  I know grass isn’t a big thing to the reader, however, for one whose lived in the high desert for the last five years...grass is a big deal.  This is looking west with the plum tree.  Husband has big plans for landscaping, so except for the tree, this will change.

This shot is looking south and west and is the big persimmon tree.  And I DO know how to make persimmon cookies!  LOL  The Porch will be enlarged and screened for le chat and moi!  Also, husband wants to put up new fencing and the fence on the far left will be pushed back four or five feet so he can access the other side of our house (which is part of  the tenant’ side yard).  Seems very odd to have neighbors!  These folks are great, they’ve taken out all their back yard and it is all a huge garden!  How smart is that in this economy?  They brought over tomatoes the other day...home grown!  But, alas, tomatoes are not on ridgewoman’s kidney tomato products.  Have to avoid Potassium, Sodium and one I always forget!  

I’ve contacted Capitol Nephrology Group and my Tucson physicians are sending all my records, so should not be too long until I have a nephrologist.  By the time we arrived I had some blood in my urine, but that stopped 2 weeks after we arrived.  However, the Doctors are marking all the records URGENT so should not be too long until I’m plugged into the system (literally).

TODAY I’m going to begin TATTING for Christmas, if I can find the pattern book. MY OTHER goal for the day is putting up the pottery and keepsakes from the Southwest.  TONIGHT GRANDSON CHRIS is coming for dinner.  He is busy looking for an apartment to share with his brother.  I have “stuff” for him. A Microwave, Computer desk (it is a nice solid wood desk, but no room), cuddle chair and a half/makes into a bed, and various pots, dishes and useful sundries.  I can hardly wait for him to get the apartment so I can get a new sofa/daybed for the living room, a curio cabinet from Scandinavian Design Group, and a chez so I can sit with my feet propped up (reduces swelling).   Downsizing from 3,000 sq feet to 1,300 sq feet is no mean feat!  (groan)

NEXT TIME.....tatting and new photos of Zella who has grown taller and discovered her toes!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Honey, I’m home!

“On the Road”
First layover at Wickenburg, AZ.    We pulled up to our new address in Sacramento Saturday about 5:30 PM and found our grandsons awaiting our arrival.  The next day was Sunday and they unloaded everything off the truck; and, are progressing a pace.  The bedrooms are set up as are the living room, dining area, family room works in progress.  Today Loyal hung clothes in the closets and put up the linens.  There were many surprises inside the house as Richard had accomplished even more than he reported from his “punch” list.  It really is like having a brand new house!  Everything is new and just sparkles.  

We are still at our daughter’s home as the new refrigerator hasn’t been delivered and there isn’t any wireless nor TV as yet.  Also, we are spraying for ants (which we saw outside) this week.  I think we’ll probably actually ‘move in’ next week some time.  Meanwhile I’m enjoying myself in Christopher’s room!  

I will have photos to show you in the next post.  I found packets from both Jane EB and Fox in my mail box, with lovely tatted tokens.  Loyal is very possessive of HIS.  I think it is so nice that he REALLY appreciates tatted pieces sent just to him...I was a bit concerned about him as he had some angina pain when we arrived late at night in Mojave.  But he does work himself up into quite a state from time to time.

Little Zella is growing so big so quickly!  I have new photo’s of her to upload also.  I admit I have not done any tatting on the trip.  Just not enough room in the cab of that GMC truck for 2 people with a cat crate in between.  Pippa loves the new window ledges that she can look out and the full length slider into the back yard.  One happy kitty!  

Oh, BTW, I WILL have a NEW e-mail address as soon as wireless is installed.  I’m going to try to get the same url but you know how that goes.  We changed vendors as Loyal had had it with Comcast.  I sent a notice out for the temporary addy to those in my address book.  

I love the area.  Wide boulevards and a lot of old growth trees.  We had both an old growth plum (the fruit is delicious) and persimmons.  I smell cookies in my future.  :>)