Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Memory of Mary Konier, Tatter


Mary was an “unassuming and quiet woman” as remembered by her daughter. I haven’t any personal memories of Mary, but I came to know her through her books. A keeper of all of her books that were published; and, they were treasured from the first.

This is why Mary Konier’s books are a treasure, they are a prolific body of work that kept tatting vibrant in the nineteenth century; and will continue to be a light to lead new tatters in the future.

Her writing style reflected her knowledge of design principles and mathematics. However technical, it was easily understood by any reader by her concise writing style.

The book, ‘Visual Patterns,” which is still readily available, has been a big influence on many tatters that I know; and, the new tatters who are learning to follow visual design.

Basic, chains, rings and Josephine knots adorn her designs; some of which are very intricate. She was a master at determining stitch count for her designs. Each piece, edging, doily, was meticulously balanced. Corners were carefully calculated in the design for hankie edgings. (As “Beauty Spots” shown above) Her comments and hints were liberally shared throughout her books and I loved the fact that she gave names to each piece.

Those who knew her intimately mourn her passing. The loss is hardest for those who loved her and were there to support her during her later years. My prayers are for them, now.

Whenever you have one of Mary’s books in hand, remember with admiration this educated, unassuming tatter who left such a legacy to her art.

Mark 11:22
Have Faith in God,
Jesus answered.


Linda S Davies said...

Very well put, Bev. Mary is a great loss to the tatting community.

Gina said...

I like hearing everyone's tribute to M. Konior. Love what you have done with that edging, Beauty Spots, too!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What a lovely post to someone who helped spread the beauty of handwork!

Isdihara said...

Such a wonderful tribute to Mary Konior, Bev! Your tatted edging is lovely, and, like Gina, I love the beauty spots!